The Kindred Few (Book 1)



If there’s room for the whole blurb, I’d like to include it. If not, I can shorten it, possibly by taking out the middle paragraph.


Before Mari turns eighteen, her utopian life in the city of Avren shatters with the death of her mother. Branded an Undesirable, she’s thrust into the unforgiving wilderness on the eve of adulthood. In this savage realm, she must prove herself beyond the pampered life of a city dweller.

Facing a world of unpredictable dangers, Mari embraces her newfound freedom, learning the art of survival from the enigmatic commander, Bastian Hale. But as ancient fae prophecies unfold, Mari discovers her destiny—leading the charge to liberate the wilderness from Avren’s iron grip.

In a tapestry of family, friends, lovers, and supernatural beings, she must adapt or perish. As alliances shift and secrets unravel, she learns to navigate the complexities of her new life, where every decision holds the power to shape her fate and the fate of the world she now calls home.

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