The game is anything but easy… enter the door, defeat the queen, take the jewel from her cold, lifeless body.

After completing the task behind the Green Door, Meg, Brek, and Carter had hoped the most difficult challenges were behind them. Now in an apartment of their own, the three friends plan to tackle the Red Door, a notch up in both prize money and difficulty. The serious cash that comes with finding the object would provide a secure future for Meg and her father.

Behind the innocent-looking portal covered in hearts and twinkle lights is a world where the ruler controls her people like pieces on a chessboard. The teenagers soon discover that the danger is much more insidious, running throughout the land and into the very rebellion that stands against the Queen.With time running out, they must snatch the jewel and get home safely, or the deceit woven into the game will ensnare them forever.

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