She’s looking for a miracle. But will a fancy dress and glass slippers save her from her life of serving her demanding family?

Ella Gardner is stuck under the thumb of her controlling stepmother, working ungodly hours at the coffee shop her father opened before he died. She thinks it’s her inevitable future, until Prince Charming shows up pushing a mop bucket and sporting a head of hair to rival an eighties rock star.

Jaxon Philips inherited the ownership of the only five-star hotel in Colorado Springs from his father. As an ancient ship, anchored in the twentieth century, he intends to revive the hotel’s systems by going undercover before it sinks.

When Ella falls for Jaxon’s alter ego, Joe the custodian, he knows she’s not in it for his money. He invites her to the hotel’s biggest event of the season, intended to raise funds to keep the hotel afloat. He’s forced to reveal his true self to her, but it might be too late.

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