A Beauty and the Beast retelling for the modern world.

Bella dreams of the life she reads about in books – fairy tales with happily ever afters. But when her mother passes away, she moves to a tiny mountain town in Idaho to help her father cope with his loss. It is a town riddled with dark rumors about its most infamous resident. On the eve of the worst snowstorm of the season, Bella covers her father’s work hours at the Coventry Manor.

Since his own wife’s death, Asher has secluded himself in his family’s home, working rather than face the small-town rumors about what really happened to his wife. It’s difficult not to blame himself for her death when he believes he could have saved her. When Bella shows up, she turns his life upside down, challenging him not only to face reality, but to also face the ghosts of his past. It’s a delicate line between giving him something to live for and pushing him over the cliff of his own despair forever.

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