Do You Want to Give Up? Don’t!! (Part 3)

Here are the last two philosophies my friend shared from his climb to Everest base camp.
6) Be prepared for the unexpected and the unexpected won’t happen.
This one reminds me of our family trip to Europe this summer. We had a folder for each country and had almost every detail planned out. We knew how we were getting from the airports to our lodging and even used Google Earth to find the place we were staying or the bus station we were arriving in. Seeing a street view really helped. I know you won’t believe this, but NOTHING went wrong, and this included eight flights!
The same is true when you are publishing a book. Plan. Plan. Plan. Study. Learn. The more you know, the smoother is will go.

7) Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without perserverance. Keep at it. Never, never give up!

In my classroom, I attempt to teach my students grit. This is the number one character trait that a student can have that is an indicator of future success. Not academic ability, but grit. This is why you hear of successful people who were high school dropouts. They don’t give up when things get hard.

When you have worked hard to achieve something, it means so much more when that achievement comes to fruition. So, follow my friend’s advice. Don’t give up on your writing or whatever your passion is because if you try you never know what could happen.
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4 thoughts on “Do You Want to Give Up? Don’t!! (Part 3)

  1. Wow, I never expected anyone to quote my reflections on climbing to Everest Base Camp! Heather, you’ve done an amazing job applying them to your field, your journey. I can’t wait to read your book!

    • Thanks, Larry. Your reflections inspired me, so I shared them with a writer friend of mine. He said I should turn them into a blog post. It ended up being three!

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