Discipline – Do You Have It?

An instructor I had for The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People had each letter of the word DISCIPLINE tattooed on the inside of each of his fingers. I had to count the letters to make sure there were ten. His morning routine consisted of journaling, reading, and weight training. On the mornings when his alarm went off in the other room (so he had to get up to turn it off), but then he wanted to lie back down, he would hold up his hands in front of him. DISCIPLINE. He knew that he was able to get things done because of the discipline he had in his life.

I am trying to implement discipline in different areas of my life because otherwise I will just crawl back into bed and watch reality TV.


Today I drank 5 shakes as part of a detox that my doctor prescribed. The only other thing I’m allowed to eat is vegetables. So, right now I’m eating a nice plate of radishes and cauliflower. Jealous, right? I’m on day 10 of the 30 day detox and so far I have stuck with it because my doctor says I need to repair my leaky gut. My husband and I have been going on nightly walks after dinner and even attempted a bike ride for my daughter. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.


A few years back, my husband and I went through Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. The course really motivated us to pay off our debt and start to save for major life events like emergencies, college, and retirement. We’ve paid off our cars, our credit cards, and are using a cash envelope to keep track of what we are spending.We’re doing ok with this, but not perfect like my detox so far.


I think the area of my life that has the most discipline is my teaching career. Working as a teacher for 21 years has provided me with the structure I need to work toward my goals. Right now, I’m trying to publish my book Ruby Slips and Poker Chips. This is not always and easy thing when I’m working full time. By establishing a structure to my evening: dinner, clean-up, walk, and then work in my office, I’ve been able to continue on the road to my goal of being published.


We are community group leaders on Wednesday nights. One thing I have struggled with is time in my own personal study of the Bible. I found a podcast called The Daily Audio Bible where the Bible is read to me everyday in my car. I love this! It starts my day off the right way and I’m making huge connections in my life that weren’t there before I was in the Word every day.

A friend of mine quit smoking when she went through Financial Peach University. The reason? The same structure applies. She took what she learned from the class and applied it to her health.Don’t be discouraged. I’m not perfect. None of us are. Start with one area of your life where you can implement discipline. It will set you on the road to your goals.

Please comment below about an area in your life where you are creating discipline.


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3 thoughts on “Discipline – Do You Have It?

  1. You don’t have to admit it, but detoxing your gut has to be awful.

    And you are no longer trying to publish you amazing book, you ARE IN THE PROCESS of publishing it.

    And it’s gonna be great.

    It’ll be here before you know it…

    • The worst part of the detox is having liquids all day. Actually, the same liquid. I’m going to try to sauté some cauliflower and zucchini tonight to mix it up. I’m working editing the Weaver right now. Once I have that done, I can finish the second book in the series. I am VERY excited about Ruby Slips and I hope other people are too. It’s a fun book.

  2. We did a similar review of our lives and restructure nearly twenty years ago. It does help focus your mind and it was helpful to review the number of things we considered essential in our lives. The list ended up with three key elements such as health, family and the financial security to support all of them. Your book will be here before you know it and the time before is for building up a welcoming committee. Will be in touch. Sally

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